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Designed specifically for new world challenges, you can eliminate unnecessary closeness & human contact with a completely non-contact solution. Alleviate anxiety and restore peace of mind knowing you've invested in the protection of those around you.





Produced in the United States, at Verifyii's state-of-the-art, ISO 9001 certified facilities. Verifyii's platforms are autonomous, touchless, EBT scanners that incorporate black box calibration technology. Constructed using military-grade materials, without cutting corners, there's no need to upgrade or replace hardware as new technology is released.


Sign In Integration

Safely validate employees during their sign-in process each day. Let us help you connect the Verifyii Themal Kiosk to your HR platform as a sign-in and time-clock station.

In today's rapidly evolving world where technological advancements are made often, non-contact solutions have emerged as transformative innovations in a variety of ways - and especially changing the way we conduct payments and transactions for the better. The convenience, security, and efficiency contactless payments have brought to the table make them immensely popular in many kinds of industries nowadays. In this article, we will discuss the significance and impact that non-contact solutions have done for the business industry. For this, let’s take a look at Verifyii, a company situated in South Carolina that specializes in the production and distribution of thermal payment kiosks.

Convenient and Easy to Use

There have been more and more payment methods developed in order to gradually eliminate the need for physical cash over time. Nowadays, you can receive and send money in seconds with the right payment solution. In particular, contactless methods - such as e-wallets (GooglePay, ApplePay) and mobile payment apps (PayPal, Paxum) - have made payments all the more convenient and easy to do. With a few taps or a scan using their smartphones, users are able to complete transactions faster than ever without having the need to withdraw physical cash, streamlining the entire payment process. With this in mind, Verifyii has made sure that their platforms are compatible with these methods to ensure their users a wonderful customer experience.

Hygienic and Safe to Use

For the past few years, COVID-19 brought forth a worldwide pandemic, and certain actions were ordained in order to prevent any more cases from ever occurring. One of these actions was the prevention of the disease from spreading through social distancing and the limiting of physical contact. During this period, contactless payments have gained significant traction due to their non-contact nature. Technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC) and thermal scanning were implemented, minimizing physical contact during transactions as much as possible. Because of this, proper hygiene can be maintained in spite of the pandemic, and thus a safer environment for both customers and merchants could be established.

Better Security

Contactless payment services are built with advanced security measures that are made to protect users' financial data. Data encryption ensures that sensitive payment information remains secure during transactions. Biometric authentication - through fingerprint or facial recognition - is also implemented, being able to provide an extra layer of protection against those with unauthorized access. Verifyii especially has made their platform so that employees can safely validate their identity through sign-in processes made every day. By implementing these security features, its users can relax knowing that their personal data are kept in safe hands.

In Conclusion

While non-contact solutions span a wide range of technologies and applications across various industries, they are especially prevalent - and revolutionary - in the way we make transactions. In particular, contactless payments offer convenience, security, and efficiency to its users during the payment process. And as technology continues to advance, we can expect further innovations in non-contact solutions that will make transactions even more seamless and secure in the future.